Additional Cleaning Services & Category

Additional Category's

The Additional Categories listed below is a lot more intense and involved. We can provide a free quote which will require to arrange an appointment to discuss and taylor to your needs. This will be dictated on the size of the property and the range of services that is requested by you. We focus on customer needs to suit your budget, time frame and requirements.

* Real Estate End of Lease Vacates. A Checklist from your Estate Agent is recommended. Ensure that your entry conditions will meet your exit conditions between yourself and your real estate agent.

* Spring Cleaning Can be a variety of services from Internal to External cleaning including Outdoor using a High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning, Driveways, Walkways, Walls and Windows. But not Limited too.

* Auction or For Sale Preparation for homes and or properties that are getting ready for the market. Been a real hit in 2021

     - We Offer the following services

* Traditional & ROS Pure Water Feed Window Cleaning. Washing Windows in a traditional manner we use an (A-Grade 'Pneumonia-Free') formula detergent that gives a seamless glass crystal finish, Streak Free. All window frames and Doors are wiped and cleaned including slide tracks. All fly screens are washed and dust free. We are also happy to announce that we also use a ROS Pure Water Feed window cleaning which is chemical and detergent free. Please enquire as there is additional cost for this service.

* Garage & Shed Clean in general dusting and Cob Web. High Pressure floor cleaning. Additional Cost.

* Builders & Contractors Newly built property entry clean. Request a list by vendor by appointment to arrange a list of services required.

* Office and Commercial Cleaning is provided.

* External & Outdoors With the use of a High Pressure Water Jet (No Chemicals). We could also clean External brick Walls or Stone, Driveways or Garage Flooring & Gutters. Please enquire.

We are more than happy to provide our services for you and the list above is a Generalization of what we can provide. Please feel free to arrange a free no obligation quote to further discuss your needs for your Property and or Office to enable us to give you a taylored quote and customize the services that I can provide for you to meet with your budget and needs.