Appointments & Consultation

- This page is for you ('the client') for you to understand us as a small business on how we operate and provide our professional cleaning services. When you book an appointment we will come out to you and discuss your needs together and taylor what your requirements are and we will endeavour to assist and cater for your needs. This is a free no obligation quote.

- It is always great to know what you want but sometimes when you are under Stress, Pressure or need to accomplish a strict deadline you can easily miss the important things and that's were we can help you and accomplish your goals.

- Please bare in mind when you enquiry to discuss your specific needs as some services do have additional costs. The reasons could vary as some cleaning proceedures could be more intense clean which could be more time consuming and or the level of the clean that might be required. We might also require certain equipment to bring with us for a specific job or even more staff to cater for the service. The Size and Area at your Home, Office or Commercial Properties will differ from one to another.

- A Hint that will help you is to always try to focus on the main points and objectiveness of what you want for us to do. You can write down a list which is also handy to do.

- You are encourage to always ask us of our Services that you want regardless. We are not limited and we are an evolving and growing business. So, Don't be afraid to ask.

- Please bare in mind that to provide a sufficient time frame and notice is always respectfully given.

- We are looking forward in meeting you.