Cleaning Services


     Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services listed below explain some of the details of what we can provide and is not limited too. Please enquire to discuss your specific needs as some items on the list do have additional costs. Please bare in mind that the Size and the Area at your Home, Office or Commercial Properties will differ from one to another.

* Kitchen Area's Include Bench Tops, Sinks, Cupboards and Pantry (internal and or external).

* Appliances such as Fridges, Toaster, Dishwasher and Microwave. Please Note. The Stove, Oven and Range Hood are an additional costs. Please enquire as size and wearing condition of age will dictate pricing.

* Bedrooms Bed is striped and made with clean sheets provided by you the customer. General dusting, Flooring is Vacuumed and or Mopped.

* Bathrooms & Ensuite. These area's are the focus points and is sanitised. Toilets, Showers, Bathtub, Basin and Cupboards are cleaned. Mirror streak free. Flooring being Swept or Vacuumed and Mopped.

* Laundry area cleaned throughout and flooring is either Swept or Vacuumed and Mopped. Washing cloths and or hanging or folding is an additional cost upon the request by customer.

* Dusting throughout in general areas include Walls, top of Door frames, Ceiling Fans, Venetion Blinds, Skirting boards and or Furniture.

* Flooring, Which will be either Swept or Vacuumed and Mopped. Additional Cost for a Polished look on Wooden and or Vinyl flooring.